Sunday, June 26, 2011

Challenge Your Worldview: Bookish Ardour's Dystopia Challenge and Book List

 Challenge Yourself (And Just Maybe Find Love!)

Dystopian Divas' previous post linked you to some great book bloggers with epic lists of current and upcoming young adult dystopian reads. This post hooks you up with some classics in the genre, compiled by awesome blogger Bonnie at Bookish Ardour. Also, Bonnie has an amazing dystopia challenge, of which this blog is taking part! So step into the Arena and read along with your Divas as we pursue the ultimate dystopia challenge EVAR!

Find a classic dystopian read to rock at the coffee shop, making you look all smart and socially aware: Bookish Ardour's "Must Reads: Dystopian Novels"

Tell the hottie you meet at the coffee shop how you're, you know, just casually taking part in a serious literary book challenge for fun: Bookish Ardour's "The Dystopia Challenge"

Comment and tell us if you're taking the challenge--or if you've made your own!

Dystopia Challenge

~Diva Schuyler


  1. I commented on that blog post but then realized it's sort of old ... so I'll repeat myself here where I know someone is looking: Those selections are pretty good, but personally I would add Samuel R. Delaney's Dhalgren near the top of any list of dystopian classics.

  2. Sorry I missed your previous comment! I haven't read Dhalgren, so guess which Diva just put it on her to-read list? Thank for the tip! :D

  3. I'm taking this challenge! I think I've been forgetting to update it though... oops! :D

  4. Sarah, maybe we can remind each other via Twitter to update? I've gotta go back and see how many dystopian books I've read this year. Really wishing I'd created a "dystopian" tag on my GoodReads! Diva fail.