Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Choose Your Own Dystopia: Young Adult

What will be your next young adult dystopian book adventure? Find out from a couple of amazing sources

Bart's Bookshelf is a great blog with an epic post featuring over 50 young adult dystopian books!
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Prettybooks is another blog to troll for great reads! Here, find not only a list of YA dystopian fiction, but also upcoming titles, listed by month.
Find the dystopia post here: Young Adult Dystopian Novels
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Both of these posts are great resources for choosing your next young adult dystopian book. Comment with a title or two that you didn't know about before these posts, and are now excited to read!

~Diva Schuyler


  1. Thanks for sharing some great sites. I will be starting Divergent soon. I hear it's a great read.

  2. Thank you for mentioning my blog :D I hope it's useful to everyone!

  3. I doubt you've got Flawless Ruins, by Kieryn Nicolas. It just came out last month.

  4. Lena, I loved Divergent, and hope you do, too! And prettybooks, your list has been very helpful to me, especially in terms of finding upcoming titles. Thanks for your efforts! A Twitter friend who's a librarian actually sent this post to her colleagues, yay!

    Authorguy, just heard about Flawless Ruins--looks great, and have put it on my to-read list! :D

  5. Oh wow! That's very cool :)

    I'll also add Flawless Ruins to my list.

  6. Yay! New dystopian reads for the win! :D